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Choose from one of three certification programs to start your new exciting profession or to add another dimension to integrate into your professional expertise.​


Hypnosis Certification: Program Cost: $1,600

Admission Requirements: None.

Completion Time: Approximately four months.

This certification is for those who are looking to integrate hypnosis into their own profession, build their professional knowledge, or for entry-level hypnotist work.

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Hypnotherapist Certification: Program Cost: $2,400.

Admission Requirements: Completion of entry-level psychology courses (minimum 6 college units) demonstrating basic competence. No degree required. 

Completion Time: Approximately six months.

This certification is for those who are looking to begin a full-time career in hypnotherapy, take on serious hypnosis cases, address a variety of hypnosis issues, and build a successful hypnotherapy practice.


Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification: Program Cost: $3,200.

Admission Requirements: Must be a licensed mental health worker.

Completion Time: Approximately eight months.

This certification is for those who are looking to launch a life-long clinical hypnotherapy career as a successful clinical hypnotherapist, teach hypnotherapy theory & practice, and become one of only 10,000 clinical hypnotherapists in the world. 

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Hypnotherapy 401: Foundations of Hypnotherapeutic Practice

The course is designed to provide foundations for the practice of hypnotherapy leading to certification through the Modern Hypnosis Association (MHA) by meeting the appropriate criteria and standards.  A variety of effective hypnotherapy techniques will be taught to ensure the competence of the students in conducting future sessions with clients.  The students will learn the history of hypnotherapy to have the foundational background to explain, defend, clarify, and advocate for hypnotherapy moving into the future. It is a mission the ensure students achieve excellence in academic standing for completion of the course.

This course provides the student with information to understand the process of bringing about change through hypnotherapeutic interventions. Specific methods of hypnotherapy are provided and practiced for the practical experience of the students.  This course leads to the acquisition of multiple intervention strategies to ensure successful hypnotherapy practices.


Choose a specialty area to distinguish yourself from other hypnotists.


Study how to the coveted regressions to help clients explore their belief systems pertaining to their existence.  This style of hypnotherapy works best with clients who are preferring a client-centered approach.


Study dreamwork and gestalt to help prepare you for a hypnotherapy practice deciphering dreams with the clients.  This type of hypnotherapy best prepares students to work with clients with anxiety, trauma, and depression.


Study Freudian's Hypnoanalysis to prepare yourself for analytic hypnotherapy methods to prepare you for depth work.  This style of hypnotherapy is best for long-term clients with deep-rooted mental blocks and issues.


Everything you need to succeed

  1. History of Hypnotherapy

  2. Science of Hypnotherapy

  3. Regulations of Hypnotherapy

  4. Forms of Induction

  5. Understanding the Unconscious Mind

  6. Hypnotherapy Intervention Strategies

  7. Hypnotherapy Theoretical Orientations

  8. Hypnotherapy Research

  9. Hypnotherapy Script Writing

  10. Individual Hypnotherapy

  11. Group Hypnotherapy

  12. Foundations of Practice

  13. Linguistic Implications and Formulations

  14. Boundaries of Therapy

  15. Trance Assessment Training

  16. Evidence-Based Hypnotherapy Practice 

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